DO YOU KNOW? why WECK started his business of home preserving jars

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast about the moved and moving story of the German preserving jar and utensils company Weck.

Do you know that the German entrepreneur Johann Carl Weck was looking for new ways to preserve foodstuff because he was vegetarian and teetotaller?

In times before freezers and all-the-year availability of fresh produce, Weck didn’t want to abstain from fruit in winter, but the most common way to preserve fruit in these days was to soak them in alcohol. For obvious reasons this was no option for Mr. Weck.

He somehow came across the invention of Dr. Rudolf Rempel, bought the patent and sole selling right and started the WECK business – a real success story before WWII.

And so “Weck” was the first brand name which made it into the official German dictionary: “einwecken” became a synonym for home-preserving.

cc by lichtempfindlich

Recently, home-preserving is surfing on the DIY/Crafting and Gardening trends and I wonder if it will become even more popular in a more energy-efficient future. With rising energy costs, when nobody is willing to pay for flavourless greenhouse strawberries and much-travelled kiwifruits anymore, home-grown and home-preserved mirabelles might again get the appreciation they deserve. What do you think?

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