If you want to stimulate change don’t let common sense guide you

Just came across another very palatable video on triggering behavioural change, a TEDx talk by Jeni Cross.



In this talk, Prof. Cross mentions three common sense myths and suggests that if you want to stimulate change, don’t let those myths guide you.

#1 Education will change behaviour

  • Info is not enough.
  • Presentation of info matters, it needs to be tangible, personalised and at best include social interaction.
  • The message should be framed as loss rather than as gain.

#2 You need to change attitudes to change behaviour

  • Attitudes follow behavior instead of predicting it.
  • Setting behavioural expectations (e.g. through prompts).
  • Understand underlying values and connect message to existing values.

#3 People know what motivates them to take action

  • e.g. social norms are more effective than people think: through social comparisons (e.g. seeing someone else already doing it (–> role model))