UNEP – the social in the green economy

Just stumbled across a very interesting video from UNEP.
It broaches the issue of sustainability through a social scientific perspective.
Please have a look yourself:

Main take-outs


  • sustainable development = environmental + economic + social development
  • social development includes improvement of human well-being and social equity
  • green economy = low carbon growth + resource efficiency + social inclusivity


Main assumptions

  • We are facing a triple crisis.
    triple crisis = socio-political + economic + environmental crises
  • It is not possible to solve the first two parts of the triple crisis through technological advancement alone
  • The transformation has to involve social change: new regulations and institutions, but also a worldwide discussion on social norms and values
  • The ecological crisis can be harnessed to solve all three parts of the triple crisis by acting as a driver for a new round of economic growth


Weaknesses of the green economy concept

  1. imposing a green washing consensus on the developing world and thus closing off the space for alternatives
  2. failing to address the issue that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet
  3. trying to decouple growth from environmental destruction